Client Services


NX Direct brings into fruition regional, retail-based marketing and sales campaigns that help clients in multiple industries hit extensive growth goals. Whether you’re a prospect in the telecom, energy, solar, or cable/internet industry, our professionally trained team and strategic customer consultations unleash the potential of your product/service.


Our services for clients fall into these 4 major categories



It is common for us to encounter clients who offer a competitive product but don’t have the know-how or manpower to market it in a concise, yet effective campaign. Through the use of big-box retailers, NX Direct empowers you to hire professional communicators that market AND sell your product so you can focus on the strengths of your company.


Products or services fail because of their inability to acquire new customers and retain existing customers. In an industry that is constantly developing, NX Direct stays up to date on all current marketing & sales trends, making us the natural choice when trying to expand your customer base. Don’t wait reactively for people to try your product/service.


At the heart of our business is our love for training and developing talent. Not only do we mold a local team for clients, but we also offer Management Training options to develop future Sales Managers beyond Atlanta. Our Executive level coaching covers everything including public speaking, account management, negotiations, team development and more.


Our last niche is in spearheading expansion both regionally and internationally. We hear clients mention how they look to be in Europe and Asia in the next decade, and we ask them why not in 5 years? With our systems, standards, and proven record of success, we plan to cross the big pond and be the face behind our client’s growing global.